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And here is the great news, the place you are MOST afraid of rejection, is the GREATEST opportunity for CONNECTION. This is why I love teaching sales. Especially to passionate entrepreneurs who are committed to delivering excellent work to their clients, but aren’t (yet) being compensated for it. So if sales isn’t (yet) something you are fired up about doing, you can become a master and deepen your commitment to and connection with your clients, serving them at an even higher level.

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You are in luck, because no matter what you’ve heard, using sales to be successful does NOT require you to convince, push or manipulate anyone. In fact, sales is one of the BEST opportunities to connect MORE deeply with people. And reach your goals and dreams.

Sales doesn’t need to be a rejection mine field. When you master sales, you can get back to doing the work you love more quickly, at a higher level, be paid more AND feel more connected.

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