for Service Based Entreps (master the Inner Game of Sales)

You can have a business that expresses your unique purpose, feels intuitive, hustle-less, stress-free, and creates income to support the lifestyle you want…without working with clients who don’t value your brilliance.

Nothing will burn you out faster than working with the wrong people. Sure, you might not yet be at the point in your business where you aren’t working with the truly horrendous ones—clients who are hyper-critical, disrespectful, super-needy, constantly complaining and asking for freebies, extras, discounts (or maybe you ARE, then we REALLY need to talk ASAP).

But an even sneakier type of wrong client lurks. Maybe they are “ok” to deal with, but they definitely aren’t paying you what you’re worth and you certainly don’t feel creatively inspired or fulfilled working with them. This type of client keeps your business afloat but threatens to tank your fulfillment within it. Even worse: this is not the type of client that will help you grow your business to the next financial level.

The answer isn’t the trite, find your “ideal client!” Because you need more than ideal. You need something much more profound. Something deeper and more purpose-filled and inspiring than you’ve perhaps thought was out there.

You need your Soulmate Client™

Because when you have a business full of those? You’ll:

  • Feel creatively fulfilled every day—elbow deep in that ubiquitous “flow” everyone talks about and back in touch with why you started this business in the first place,
  • Be valued for your unique strengths and gifts – and paid accordingly,
  • Be able to deliver your services in a way where you feel energized, lit up, and inspired,
  • Be making the greatest impact on the world you are here to uniquely make,
  • Know how to influence positive change in the world,
  • Breathe a sigh of relief knowing you are finally making the income you desire and deserve

That’s why I created the Soulmate Client™ Academy—a highly-specialized combination of trainings + personalized coaching to intentionally guide new and experienced business owners OUT OF their current way of doing things and INTO a structure and model where they are constantly moving towards doing more of what energizes them day to day, and less of what drains them.

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The Soulmate Client business model is designed to fit your unique DNA, so you express your unique, and authentic gifts, strengths, zone of genius, purpose, and calling in a way that strategically resonates with the right people.

How is it different from other ideal client business models people are teaching? With my model, you are intentionally, and consciously working on your relationships with your clients…from the inside out. It is about having inner clarity and confidence in your purpose and value, alongside the skill set to communicate it.  That is where the magic happens.

The problem with most other “ideal client” models out there are that they have no mechanisms for:

  • Ensuring that you are truly expressing your unique calling more and more each day.
  • Not giving your clients all the power, and creating a mutually beneficial and fulfilling relationship instead
  • Working with your mindset to not only attract the right people and attract more money, but enjoy the creating and enjoy the doing required with making more money.  
  • Transform your relationship with money for good – so you have no limits on your income long term, and can set strong boundaries around work time so you don’t have to work 24/7 to reach your big dreams and income aspirations.

Which are critical to creating a business that allows you to express your unique purpose, and enjoy your day to day.

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