Join the Divas!

Join us to support you in leading the life you’ve always wanted to live, not the one other people have mandated as the way you’re “supposed” to...

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Mama Helicopter Voices

So, this name might change over time, but I am writing a speech (Divafy your Desires: 3 steps to move through roadblocks and actualize your desires) and I was like really...

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Don’t Give up Your Power

One tool This weekend, I had the privilege of watching the master, Byron Katie, do The Work, in the flesh in Austin. She is an incredible coach and a phenomenal (and I...

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Desire Map Book Club – Houston (and Online!) – Jan 2014

Coming to Houston Heights January 2014 (Meet and Greet Dec 16, 2013!) 2014 is your year to set meaningful and important new years resolutions and actually follow through. To not...

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Building an Extraordinary Life

What is an extraordinary life? Let’s start with what it’s not. An extraordinary life is not about being a millionaire. It is not about being famous or larger than...

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About Kristen

Coach. Passion Chaser. Music Lover. Beauty Seeker. Information Junkie.
I have always been intensely curious. Asking the really hard questions. A seeker of knowledge and truth. I would rather be fascinated than content.

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Work With Me

Learn more about private 1-1 coaching and group coaching options

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What is Coaching?

So, there are actually all kinds of different ways to coach, but here the kind of coaching that has worked for me, that I was trained to do, and the kind of work you and I will do together:

FIRST and foremost, we gotta figure out what the heck you want from life. If you don’t know what you want, there is no way you can get it.
THEN, we gotta figure out why you aren’t getting it!

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