for Service Based Entreps (master the Inner Game of Sales)

You are in the right place if you want:

  • To attract SOULMATE clients™ who pay you well, and value your unique gifts
  • Make consistent $5-30k++/months in your business
  • Double your sales this year (without the hustle!)
  • Do work that is ONLY in your ZONE OF GENIUS (and take more time off!)
  • Make a real difference in your prospects and client’s lives
  • Experience the FINANCIAL FREEDOM that only comes from trusting your ability to consistently convert on demand

So – BEFORE you: build your list, waste money on an expensive website or logo, waste time on social media, make sure you have a business model in place that will allow you to shine in all of your brillance, and make the income you deserve (without sacrificing your creativity, time off, or leave you feeling burned out).

Where do you start?

So whether you are ready to focus on:

  • Stop attracting demanding, needy, draining clients, and start attracting Soulmate Clients™

  • Making a bigger impact, reaching more people.

  • Designing your Signature System so you can leverage your time

  • Growing your income by 10% or 300% without losing your creative freedom, or even….

  • Getting your very first clientsI have a variety of programs for different stages of business. From VIP private coaching, to alacarte 1-1 sessions, to intensive small group trainings, let’s talk about what is the RIGHT fit for you to reach your goals this year.

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