Have you ever heard the expression “feel the fear and do it anyway”? I see a lot of people misuse this idea so I wanted to share how you can use this tool for sales success.

Mistake #1 – Push through the fear (aka willpower). 

This is when you think you “should” be doing some marketing activity, or sales strategy but you are dreading it and avoiding it like the plague. But you know it is important to your success, so you suck it up, and, like ripping off a bandaid, you do it.
And it is uncomfortable. And it maybe it kinda hurts. Or someone rejects you. But you finish it. Exhausted. And you think to yourself “I never want to do that again” . And maybe you go have a beer or a pizza afterwards to cool down and relax again.
While it feels like we are facing the fear, this is actually still a form of repressing and numbing it. And facing sales this way isn’t sustainable long term.
This is the emotional equivalent of going to the gym after 6 mo of sitting on the couch and trying to lift 100lb weights.

Mistake #2 – Letting the fear take over. 

This is also when you think you *should* be doing some activity or strategy, but you procrastinate. You ruminate on the fear. Think about it, worry about it. And keep putting it off until someday… replacing it with activities that are more comfortable and you, fingers crossed, *hope* it works (…..bad news: it probably won’t)
Operating this way limits what you can do to create a business you want. In order to create something new, you have to push the edge of your comfort zone. Otherwise, you will create the same results over and over again. If you aren’t afraid, you aren’t growing. Fear isn’t a problem.
This is the emotional equivalent of staying at home and not even trying to go to the gym.

What to do INSTEAD –

FEEL the feeling. Actually feel it. In your body. Literally. Be the WITNESS of the thoughts you are having (vs believing they are undeniably true), observe your mind while you observe the sensations in your body. Thinking about making that sales call, does your stomach feel tingly? Does your skin start to prickle? Heading to that networking event, does your chest feel tight, shoulders feel tense?
You don’t need to DO anything with the sensations either. You don’t need to change them or fix them or make them go away (doing that STILL gives them power over you). Your whole job is just to be the peaceful witness of the felt senses that happen in your body in reaction to a situation. Without buying in to the story.
All you need to do it witness. THIS gives you the power back. When you run, try to fix, avoid, try to change, or need clear the feeling — the feeling has all the power. And you will create a whole world trying to avoid that feeling. When you can just be WITH the feeling – YOU have the power. And, at the end of the day, it is JUST a felt sense in your body, without the story, it is just a felt sense. No more uncomfortable than an afternoon at the gym. So the next time you get triggered – with fear or ANY emotion, don’t run from the feeling, just become the observer, the witness.
This is the emotional equivalent of going to the gym, picking up a 5lbs weight, getting strong enough to go to 10lbs, then 20, then 50, etc, etc, etc.
The more you do this practice, like building a muscle, you will open up your world to new possibilities.