You are BUSY. You have A LOT on your plate. In 3 steps, you can be clear on what you can easily REMOVE from you plate to more effectively create the sales results you desire.

EFFECTIVE Time management is really all about 3 things: priority management, boundary management, and decision – making management. Without these three things mastered and aligned, you will waste a TON of time on non-essential things, eating up your life. 

Get more done, in less time, and create the results you really want. 

Step 1) Assess Priority Management – time management starts with your priorities. What do I REALLY want out of my life? You want to take stock: is my time being spent in alignment with my priorities, in alignment with what I REALLY want? If I look at my life big picture – if I want to create: money for a beautiful home and luxurious trips, if I want to spend quality time with my children, spouse and friends, doing things we love, having cherished experiences, if I want to be doing work that lights me up, inspires me — are my actions reflecting those priorities? Are my resources: my time, money, and energy being invested in those priorities? Or moving me towards those priorities? Or are they not?

And if not, you want to look at WHY. If you are CLEAR on your priorities, and your time isn’t in alignment with your priorities, you probably need to take a good look at step #2 *boundary* management. Stay tuned next week when I show you how to work with boundary management.

For now, ask yourself and comment below: if I look at the last year, last 90 days, how have I been spending my time? Is it in alignment with what I really want from life? Is it in alignment with what I want to create short term? Long term?