If your brand, or product or service solely functions to help people save money, you are missing out on an opportunity to create even greater income. There is a mantra I have my clients ask themselves on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly basis: “How can I help serve my clients – better, faster, easier, more deeply, more sustainably?” You *could* throw “less expensively” in there too, but it is not the primary focus. Frankly, I only recommend that when you have built a very large community that you cannot personally serve.

People spend money on results. They spend money on outcomes. Less expensive isn’t *always* the only priority. Some people would prefer to buy the “fast pass” at Disney to skip the lines. If I am on vacation, and I only have a certain amount of vacation time with my family, I would rather not spend it waiting in lines. If I am watching TV and I can pay an extra $3/mo to remove the ads, I will pay it. My time is my life. I can always make more money. Other people think like that too. When you focus solely on helping them save money, you are denying them the “fast pass” option in your work. The “fast pass” option to their result.

So, let’s say you are a health coach and someone wants to lose 10 lbs before their wedding in 4 months. And they don’t want it to be from a drug that is full of chemicals and long term side effects. They want real results that they can sustain after the wedding too. But they want it now. And they are super busy planning the wedding, so they don’t want to spend a ton of extra time cooking. And you know that in order to get that, you know it is going to require weekly sessions + her hiring a personal chef. And guess what? She wants that. She has the resources. It is important to her, and she wants it now. She wants the fast pass. Not the cheap option. And if you don’t have that option for her, you will be missing out on a gold mine of wealth (+ you will leave her out in the cold to fend for herself to figure out another option!).

If you only have the cheap option, you only serve ONE kind of client. Vs lots of kinds of clients and desires. Some people want to wait in line, some people want the “fast pass”. You can serve both if you have both options available. You can make money by having both. And if you are resisting offering the fast pass – you have to ask why? Generally it is a resistance to claiming your expertise. A belief you really CAN help people achieve their goals faster.

Next steps: What “fast pass” option can you create in YOUR business?