Have you ever felt frustrated trying to communicate your value? You know you are great at what you do, but at the end of a sales call, the person is like…”ummm, I need to think about it” or “I can’t afford that” — you know that is about value right? They are essentially saying, “I didn’t see the value for me to say yes.”

Fret not though, this isn’t about YOU. And it isn’t about your value. Of COURSE there are techniques to become an EXCELLENT sales person, excellent at communicating your unique selling proposition, excellent at helping others see the value. But, what I know is that if you are trying to CONTROL this, control that they see your value — vs feeling playful, open and curious, with a desire to learn from a place of SERVICE to your clients and customers, you will stay stuck. You will NOT become more excellent. It will be very difficult for you to implement sales techniques of excellence with any satisfying results. Because there is likely an undercurrent of a feeling of neediness to manipulate them into saying yes. And you can never reach your true goal of financial freedom if you need to manipulate others into saying yes.
So….how do you break free?
Drop the attachment to the result. What if them saying “no” is the BEST thing that ever happened to you? The desire to do it “right” always comes from trying to control the result. But the truth is that you don’t know, in the bigger picture, if this little result is really the best for you to express your purpose. What if the “no” is opening up space for something even greater? Now, it is easy to say this and harder to live it. And really trust in the bigger picture. The real freedom is in facing the FEELING of: “what if I don’t get the result I want?” Not the story, but the felt sense in your body. If you don’t get the “yes” you want on THIS sales call, where do you feel that in yourbody? If you don’t get the “yes” on 100 calls? Your heart, your stomach, your throat? Move your attention to that felt sense. Remind yourself that you are strong enough to be present with this felt sense. And be free. Only when you stop avoiding “nos” you can create MORE Yeses.
Comment below to share your takeaways and ahas. What do YOU need to do to create more YES?