Before working with Kristen, my sales and profits were really terrible. Our total revenue was under $5,000. Each client would bring in a couple hundred dollars. I was not focused on what I can do better than anybody else. Working with Kristen, we got ultra focused. Right now I have ten clients I am working with and I don’t just take any business that comes our way. Now, most of my clients bring in $3k-15k per client. This month alone – I am looking at $50,000. We really know who the target market is, what message we want to convey, and what product I can give them. We now have much better clients who really value my experience, my expertise. They really want a wonderful experience and will pay somebody who is an expert to put that together.

I love going to work every day. I feel like I am really focused on what I can do for people and I really feel good about myself.

Lizabeth Kohler

CEO and Founder, Family Odysseys

I felt that my work was giving me no pleasure, but I felt trapped in it, like I had no choice but to continue on this path…..Kristen advice on how to mold my life into one that I would be happy in… On top of her obvious talent at diagnosing issues and coming up with solutions, I really felt like Kristen cared about helping me. I left feeling not only that I knew who I was and what I wanted, but that I liked that person. I feel like I have the power to make my life one that I can be happy with.

Rebecca H

Opera Singer

Before my time with Kristen, I was attracting the wrong people.  Now, I have a new approach for seeking clients – and that’s invaluable as well as insight about where I can find the right people.

I learned to identify when to educate a potential client more about the industry, versus when to refer them elsewhere because they aren’t a good fit for me. This is huge and will save both parties time and frustration!

I love Kristen’s formulas! They break down all of the relevant concepts into bite-sized chunks and make it easier to see what’s really going on in a sales situation. In the training, there was no also adding anything to my “to-do” list, which is fabulous. It’s more of adding perspective and insight to what I’m already doing. Awesome!


Sarah Murphy

Golden Arm Media

I was feeling confused and very unsure of what to do next. Kristen didn’t just listen to me and offer advice.  She presented options and questions to help challenge me to really dig down deeper.  I feel like I have tools to handle any situation now…that I wasn’t just trying to solve my problems.  Love the clarity I have gained.

If you want a process that you can apply to any aspect of life, consider strongly working with Kristen.  You’ll walk away with tools to make you a clearer thinker and problem solver.

I really have gotten so much out of working with you and thank you for your guidance the last few months.  I am calmer, clearer, and better equipped to handle challenges.

Amber Callahan

Health Coach, Get Plant Fit

Kristen is a great resource for anyone wanting to work with their mindset around sales, marketing, money and building your business. I have learned a lot of great practical tips that helped me feel more comfortable with sales, approaching people, what to work on first and setting goals to bring in cash. Highly recommend!

Marcella A

Health Coach

I have a new understanding of both money & relationships are connected in my life, and that I am associating a lack of freedom (a very strong value of mine) to having lots of money & being in a relationship. I feel with this awareness I now have more choice in these areas of my life, in terms of how I want to think about them.

I felt very relaxed with Kristen, and eager to hear what the next insight would be from what she was hearing from me

Rebecca Beaton


I was frustrated with my work and feeling not good enough to be the performer I want to be.

I realize I want to be a performer mainly to connect with others – I love the give and take I get between a singer and the audience. There’s a palpable energy there when the connection is strong. I also have the urge to give them a gift through the songs I choose to sing. Working with Kristen helped remind me why I loved to perform in the first place.

That if you are dealing with any life changing decisions or with emotional distress, working with Kristen will help you see all the components in your life more clearly, and help you to be honest with yourself, so that when you do make your big decision, it is well informed and based on what will make you the most fulfilled; and if you are in distress, you can clear away a lot of the clutter and find the core of your problem. Once you find the real reasons behind your issues, you can really begin to build yourself into what you want to be.

Kristen is a very calming and astute woman who asks the right questions to get to the core of what’s troubling you. When we delve into the answers to the questions we are most afraid to ask, she eases the journey, so it is no longer scary but exciting. When you begin working with her, you don’t really want to stop…you get such forward momentum as you discover things about yourself, you just want to keep going. By the end of a session, I find that I like the person I am. And also, that I have a ton of things to work with…new tools in my tool belt…to get to what I want. I think she is an amazing resource and I am so grateful I got the chance to work with her.

Meaghan Heath

Opera Singer

I was at a crossroads in my work and trying to take the safe route while knowing that this was going to leave me feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled, and stressed out. Kristen has a wonderful way of lovingly challenging you to step outside your comfort zone. I’m now clear on what I want to do, what has been holding me back, and I have a clear framework for how to approach the next stage.

Hannah Braime


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