I think there is this really interesting trend happening in our world right now. We *seem* to value education. So much so that we are willing to fork out $60-$250k+ in education and living expenses, PLUS 4 years of income lost (average, another $160k), for undergrad education. And then on top of that, several more hundreds of thousands of dollars for masters degrees (+living expenses, and more years of lost income), or tens of thousands of dollars in education around a specific skill or craft – coaching, interior design, photography, etc.

We, as a society, value mastering our skills. Mastering our craft.

But there is a conversation missing. A HUGE piece of the puzzle we aren’t talking about enough.

There is a huge problem with our collective narrative.

We shell out, and lose hundreds of thousands, a quarter of a million, half a million dollars towards learning a skill.

And over and over again, I see people who expect themselves to be able to figure out marketing and sales for free, or maybe a few thousand dollars. WHILE making money at the same time.

This is CRAZY.

And it is a HUGE schema shift we need to make as a society, but it has to start with you. And your own schema.

Sales and marketing are SKILL SETS in and of themselves. They MUST be learned. Finding out who your SOULMATE clients™ is ALSO a process that must be LEARNED. Determining your high ticket OFFER is a SKILL that requires HELP.

You wouldn’t expect yourself to “trial and error” your way through becoming a doctor, or a professional photographer, or graphic designer. Of course there will always be some trial and error, but NOT as a baseline. As a musician or athlete, you have a top, private 1-1 coach helping you become excellent in your skill set. Tailoring support to YOU.

Why would you set yourself up to fail by thinking you can trial and error your way through marketing and sales?

If you budgeted $100k and 2 years towards mentoring and coaching for your business, without any income, you would basically break even with someone who has gotten an MBA.

But lucky for you, great mentorship for sales and marketing in service-based entrepreneurship doesn’t require a $100k and 2 years with no income commitment like an MBA would. You can make money DURING those 2 years (in fact, my clients sell 4 and 5 figure packages a few WEEKS into working with me), AND you can get clarity on who your Soulmate Clients™ are and start attracting them within WEEKS, and set yourself up to create a 6-7 figure business long term. A lot more than even most MBA grads make long term.

We are LUCKY that small business mentorship is incredibly inexpensive – relatively speaking – to everything else we spend on education, and requires such a small commitment and allows us to make that investment back nearly immediately. While other people are waiting YEARS for an ROI on investments, master’s degrees, etc – if you choose the right person, and work the program – you should be getting a return in weeks or months. Not years.

But we have to shift our schema. And give ourselves permission to get the expert help we need in business. Otherwise, we are setting ourselves up to fail – and that is unfair to ourselves and our dreams. And the people we are meant to serve.

Check out how one of my clients got resourceful in funding her dream.

What will you do to fund your dream?