Time management is a big topic, so I decided it needed at least one more part.
When you think about managing your time for WORK, for sales, for growing your business, the first question you want to ask is: how much do I WANT to work? 40 hours/week? 20? 60?
You have to know what you are AIMING for to reach it. To create a business model that SUPPORTS that. It doesn’t have to be perfectly clear to you, but you have to have some idea of what you want. For me, I want to create a business that requires about 10-15 hours/week from me, and any extra I want to put in is bonus. Right now though, I work about 50-60 hours week because I love what I do. And because I am creating it. It is not yet created.

#1 – you have to create a time GOAL to aim for.

#2 – you have to create a business model that supports that time goal (+ doing work you love).

#3 – you have to create a strategy/structure/plan to create that business model.

#4 – you have to take action in that strategy.

#5 – in the action, you will see what you need to shift internally to create the result you want.

For example if you want a business that doesn’t require more than 10 hours of your time per week, you have to spend some time NOW setting up, testing systems that automate your sales and marketing. You have to create packages that require no more than 5-7 hrs a week of your time at price points that create the income you want. You have to allot some of your time now towards your long term goal.
And you have to balance that with your short term goal. If your short term goal is fastest path to cash, then maybe you spend 50% of your time on “high touch” marketing and sales strategies (talks, workshops, networking, one-on-one sales calls/skype sessions). Things that require a lot of your time, but get big results. Then you spend 30% of your time doing excellent client work. And 20% setting up, beginning to test and tweak your automated systems.
Your homework:
  • What is the time and financial GOAL you are aiming for long term?
  • What is your short term financial and time goal?
  • What % should you allocate to which activities to accomplish both?
Answer below in the comments!