You are doing everything “right” – marketing tactics all the gurus teach, trying all sales tactics you know you “should” be doing. You are overwhelmed, and not sure what to try next, what to prioritize. You want to grow your business, fill your client practice. What is missing?

These 3 simple questions can turn a problem into profit. 

1) What am I attracting?

First, you want to look at what you are attracting. Are you attracting flaky prospects? Prospects that won’t make a decision? Prospects that commit and back out? Prospects who say yes, but don’t pay?
Take a minute right now to write down the pattern you are attracting.

2) How does it feel?

Every time you talk to one of “those” prospects, how does it feel? What is your reaction? Frustrated? Disappointed? Rejected? Defeated? Exhausted?

3) What do I do to avoid feeling that?

Do I hold off making those follow up calls? Procrastinate that networking event? Not make an offer on a sales call? Struggling to say “no” to clients who want things outside our contract? Not create a clear contract to begin with? Procrastinate invoicing?

So, if you want all your sales and marketing tactics to start working – you have to change the pattern. 

You don’t WANT to feel frustrated, rejected, disappointed anymore, right? And clearly – it is hindering your ability to take the actions you need to to create the sales results you really want. To make the money you want. To do more work you really love.

You have to work with your relationship to your INNER Ideal Client™. The pattern is created by your relationship to your own value.

Meaning, prospects and clients are showing up (or not showing up) who MIRROR how you feel about you. How much YOU trust you. How much YOU value you. The external pattern (ie the kinds of prospects that show up) is thus created based on how you treat yourself. I know. Give it a minute to sink in. You may want to re-read it a couple of times! 🙂

The good news is – when you transform your pattern with your INNER Ideal Client™, ALL of your marketing and sales strategies are going to start to work. Like magic. You won’t keep having to *fix* your strategy. So, how do you change it? You don’t need affirmations or to heal your wounds. You simply make new choices and the pattern SHIFTS itself. And it is EXPERIENTIAL, not intellectual. Which is why I cannot explain it, but I CAN take you through an EXPERIENCE of it. Want to do that now?

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ABOUT Kristen

ABOUT Kristen

CEO and Creator of Sales Success Formula

At a time when the real estate market had plummeted into the biggest recession since the Great Depression, Kristen Baker, a recent graduate of Chicago’s prestigious Northwestern University, jumped into the commercial real estate industry. Not one to let her circumstances hold her back or shape her destiny, Kristen created a sales system that resulted in over $100 million in revenue for her clients. Her astounding results yielded her the “Rising Star” award of distinction.

Kristen further enhanced her skills by getting trained in both Jungian Spiritual Psychology and Money coaching.

Today Kristen helps her clients transform problems into possibilities and setbacks into stepping stones. Her greatest joy is seeing how her systems and roadmaps help her clients achieve record breaking results while living a balanced and fulfilled life.

A product of her own work, Kristen Baker’s coaching practice helps others discover “success beyond the obvious” by finding innovative ways to monetize their passions and generate revenue abundance.