Yes and No.

You should never work for “free” ….but money is ONE form of compensation. Exposure is another….BUT….not all exposure is equal.

IF you don’t know how to evaluate exposure opportunities you could be WASTING tons of time on dead end gigs that never result in clients, OR you could be sitting on a GOLD MINE of opportunities that if you knew HOW to cash in on, are right at your fingertips!

So…If you are considering an opportunity where you will share your gifts without monetary compensation – you have to look at (and ASK for) other forms of compensation that will turn INTO monetary compensation in the short and long term.

Here are the questions you must consider to decide if it is worth you TIME….

1) Can *I* convert EXPOSURE/visibility into $$$??
>>>Do I have a working strategy? Do I know how? If not – this is the FIRST skill you MUST learn.
2) Am I allowed to “pitch”?
>>> whether that means – get people onto my email list, a free consultation, or a paid program. IF you know #1, you need to know that you are able to invite people to the next step with you. Do you know WHAT to pitch, and are you “allowed” to. Different opportunities have different rules. Many are open to negotiation if you pitch it right.
3) is this an IDEAL audience?
>>>A large group of non-ideal prospects is a waste of time
4) Is this a BIG enough audience to be worth my time?
>>>depending on what stage of business you are in, you need to know your conversion rates. If you have an audience of 2 ideal prospects and you know you can convert 1 into a $10k contract…maybe that is worth it to you. Or, maybe you are at a stage of your biz, where you need 200 people and to be able to convert 20 of them into a $10k package.
4) How can we MAXIMIZE exposure?
>>> Don’t be afraid to negotiate here. Will they send out an email to their list? Post on social media 5 times? Will they invite their people onto a strategy call? Your list?

So..have you turned down exposure opportunities that you might have been able to capitalize on? Or have you taken *too* many opps for exposure that never converted?