Sales Success 1-1 Accelerators

Sales Intensives are designed for individuals who want to fast track their results by solving a specific problem in their business or achieving a specific goal.
This is for you if you value your time and you want to get the training and resources you need to accelerate your success.


These are half or full day 1-1 training in person (Houston) or via Skype sessions to help you create the fastest path to cash in your business.

Customized Sales Script + Intake Process to Get Ideal Clients to say YES on the FIRST call

What you get:

  • Clear on exactly what to say on a sales call so prospects see the value immediately and pay in full on the spot
  • Irresistible talking points to describe your offering so prospects are clear on the worth
  • Overcome objections like a pro (unique scripted questions for you!), and never compete on price again
  • Qualify prospects before they get on your sales call to make sure they are a great fit
  • Attract ideal clients to your sales calls so they easily say YES

Stop Feeling Guilty Asking For the Money (Heart to Heart Sales Conversations that Convert)

What you get

  • Master the inner game of sales so you feel confident on enrollment conversations
  • Learn the mindset secrets to manifesting ideal clients who can easily afford to work with you, no matter the price, QUICKLY
  • Never again feel guilty or dread making the offer, and overcome objections without feeling sleazy or pushy
  • Follow up with confidence, no more chasing prospects down
  • Stop convincing, start converting to finally close your first 4 or 5 figure contracts/packages.

High Ticket Packages That Sell

  • Create your first 4 or 5 figure package that is irresistible to your ideal clients (and that keeps you in your zone of genius)
  • Clearly articulate the value on a sales conversation so prospects say yes on the spot
  • Leverage your time, so you can spend more time in your Zone of Genius, and less time in the weeds


  • private coaching imageNeed help with a specific challenge or goal? We can discuss how I can customize the day to exactly what you need so you walk away with a step-by-step plan to achieve the next big result in your business.
  • Examples: Write and market your signature talk or workshop, finally identify your niche, time management intensive, troubleshooting: “I think I am doing everything technically right, why isn’t my product or service selling?”, wealth and money mindset accelerator, attract ideal clients accelerator, confidence in sales, overcome fear of rejection, package your brilliance – create new offerings, and much more.
Investment: $3597 – $5497

3 Day 1-1 Retreat in Houston, TX

This is an intimate and luxury experience for entrepreneurs who want results quickly. Just you and me for three days. In this sacred and special span of 3 days, you may come in feeling confused about why you are getting the results you are in your business, and what your next steps are, and you will walk away feeling clear, refreshed, confident and inspired to proceed. In 3 days you will get the tools you need to move your business forward, you will have the space to reflect and we will co-create a plan that works for you. That you are excited about, and that you know will succeed.
Grow Your Business – Client Attraction Reboot
This is right for you if you have a business, clients, past clients that you love, and you have the capacity to grow. You have clients, but maybe only a small handful qualify as truly “ideal” and you want a FULL business of IDEAL clients that pay you handsomely. You want to leverage your time and make more money, and attract more of the clients that value your expertise and unique brilliance.  After 3 days together, you will walk away with:
  • a simple step-by-step plan to grow your business and attract IDEAL clients
  • a formula to 10x your revenue in 6 months
  • customized training that you need in your business right now to succeed – ex: sales calls, signature talk, signature workshop, advertising strategy, money mindset, ideal client attraction mindset.
Starting Your Business – Ideal Client 
This is perfect for you if you are just starting your business and want to jumpstart your success. If you have recently quit your day job, or are still in your day job – you want to make the most of the time you are putting towards your business, and not waste any time trying to figure out HOW to spend your time, figuring out WHAT would be the most effective and fastest path to cash. Starting a business is an extremely personal and spiritual journey. You have to have the mindset to sustain the ups and downs a business will present to you. In this retreat, we will get you ready – tactically, strategically and mentally. You will walk away with:
  • a simple step-by-step plan to the fastest path to cash and new clients.
  • the mindset of attracting ideal clients (short term and long term)
  • the essential sales skills you must have to succeed
The 3 day retreats INCLUDE 3 MO PRIVATE COACHING. 2 50 min sessions/mo + private email coaching. 1 mo before, and 2 mo after the retreat. To hold you accountable to the plan and help you course correct any challenges you face.
Why 3 Days?
This is the best of both worlds – an accelerated solution to your biggest business challenge (like a VIP day), plus plenty of space to process and reflect on what you truly want (like long term private coaching), what you really need. Don’t worry, it wont be 8 hours/day of 1-1 intense coaching, of course there will be enough of that to get you results, but there will also be plenty of down time, fun and results-oriented exercises, time to reflect.
Investment: Currently $15,997

If you are working too hard for too little, and you are spending more time in the weeds than doing work you really love, your sales skills probably need a revamp. And a private 1-1 intensive is the best way to accelerate your desired results and goals because you get customized, personalized attention and ideas.

Look, it’s OK to feel nervous, you just have to be committed to loving your work and being successful – I can help you fill in the blanks and deal with the nerves.